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Favorite Riding Routes

Started by renchinrider, March 08, 2017, 08:45:44 PM

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Hey, All!

I have read through every topic in this category to see if there is anything I should share with the Alabama Tourism Board rep when he/she comes to meet with us (North Alabama Vintage Motorcycle Club) on March 25th.  I saw some discussion of Routes 25 and 65 (which is also a personal favorite of mine).  I also think Nice Goat's "Best Pies" locations might "feed" discussion (no pun intended) about some loops or routes that include favorite/famous eateries or other attractions.  Ditto the upcoming Covered Bridges Ride, which seems to be quite popular.

If any of you have other recommendations, but can't join us for breakfast on the 25th, please post here so we can relay your recommendations.  A few plagiarists like myself might make your favorite route(s) one of my upcoming rides as well! 8)

Thanks in advance!
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One of my favorite rides out of Montgomery is to head North on 231N  towards Wetumpka. Right after entering Elmore county hang a right on Rifle Range Rd all the way to Tallassee. Ride on through Tallasse and cross the river at the dam then get on Hwy 49N all the way to Cheaha State Park. If you take a right on Abel rd right before HWY49 ends you will be able ride a long portion of the scenic HWY281. Be sure to stop at the over look. Riding the scenic hwy is always a nice ride. I always stop off at the state park for a cold drink and rest. They have a nice little awning set up just for bikes. I head out of the state park to the south, down the scenic highway to Adams Gap. There the road heads down a loosey packed gravel road for a few miles. Nothing to bad, just slow down and keep an eye on the road. I take Clairmont Springs Rd back to CO RD 31 into Ashland. There's a great little cafe there that has some great fries. From Ashland I usually ride back south to Wetumpka on Hwy9. Then 231 south back into Montgomery.

Looks something like this,-86.2301575/32.5594629,-85.8152843/33.4767123,-85.772119/33.47727,-85.8084979/33.36827,-85.8675262/Cassinelli's/32.5603758,-86.1913592/32.4203537,-86.2303185/@33.3534149,-85.8463734,8.25z/data=!4m20!4m19!1m0!1m0!1m5!3m4!1m2!1d-85.7270158!2d33.5451771!3s0x888ba57e7aca568d:0x8937d34209834aad!1m0!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x0:0x1d575e94b62febcb!2m2!1d-85.8357259!2d33.2737323!1m0!1m0!3e0?hl=en

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Al Hwy 227 out of Guntersville continue straight on CR 67 through Langston. You add a detour to High Falls and Bucks Pocket and you have a good day of riding.

Another route - Bankhead Pkwy up the back side of Monte Sano. take Old 431 to Green Mt, then back down into Huntsville. You can add Hobbs Island Road to this route too.



This is exactly the kind of feedback I was looking and hoping for.  I'll carry these forward to the Tourism Board rep on the 25th.  Really appreciate it!

PS:  VWCarlos, the additional information about your favorite food stops is also great to know.  I plan to mention those to the rep as well, since I think great food/drink stops (and the social banter that goes with them) are what make the rides so memorable!

Thanks again!
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Pretty much anything in Jackson County between AL 65 and 75
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I thought of another good one this morning.

New Hope-Cedar Point Rd (Jackson Co Road 5) Just east of Gurley off US Hwy 72

1-555 County Rd 5
Woodville, AL 35776
Take County Rd 5 to Butler Mill Rd in Madison County
5 min (3.9 mi)
Follow Butler Mill Rd to Simpson Point Rd in Marshall County
17 min (9.3 mi)
Take Columbus City Rd, AL-79 N, Swearengin Rd, AL-79 N, ... and Cathedral Caverns Rd to Cave Rd
56 min (41.8 mi)
Turn left onto Cave Rd
End at Cathedral Caverns.


Little River Canyon and the surrounding roads are great.

Wheeler Wildlife Refuge has some nice dirt roads on both sides of the river.


When I want to just get away and RIDE, this is one of my favorite routes to take in North Alabama.  I am sure most of you have been on this one!


These are all really fun and exciting-looking rides!  I really appreciate all the input, and will assemble a packet of all the routes from those of you that may not be able to join us for breakfast on the 25th.

Thanks for sharing these and making all of them part of this library of 2-wheel good times! 8)
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Once more, thanks to all of you who contributed to my request for your favorite ride routes.  I have saved all of them onto my flash drive so I can share them tomorrow with the AL Tourism Board rep.

I know Klaviator and JRobinson will be with us for breakfast tomorrow.  If any of the rest of you can make it to the Blue Plate CafĂ© II on S. Memorial Parkway at 8 am and join us, we'll be glad to have you with us!  Come out and share your favorite routes, and join one of the rides going to Allsport afterwards!  ;D
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Quote from: jrobinson on March 09, 2017, 01:11:57 PM
Al Hwy 227 out of Guntersville continue straight on CR 67 through Langston. You add a detour to High Falls and Bucks Pocket and you have a good day of riding.

Another route - Bankhead Pkwy up the back side of Monte Sano. take Old 431 to Green Mt, then back down into Huntsville. You can add Hobbs Island Road to this route too.

Great ride, to add to it I would start at Pratt that would be University Drive, East of the Parkway Ride up Bankhead Parkway, then across the mountain to 431 South. Turn right at Old Big Cove (there is a red light). Cross Cecil Ashburn/Sutton and take a right then left to Green Mountain RD. Ride up the fun side of Green Mtn. Take a left at Bailey Cove, ride that to the parkway and take a left, then take a left on Hobbs Island RD. Hobbs Island will turn into Old 431, ride that across new 431 and take a left at Old Gurley Pike. Turn right on Cherry Tree. Ride Cherry Tree to Keel Hollow and take a left. Ride up the fun side of Keel Mountain. Cross the mountain and look for a right on Keel Mountain Road. Ride down the mountain to Hwy 72 and take a left. Go about 200 feet and take a right on Gurley Pike, Gurley Pike will turn into Kelly Hill Rd. Take a right at the dead end and ride Brownsboro Rd to the stop sign. Then turn left on Ryland Pike. Stay on Ryland Pike until you hit Jordan Rd. and take a right. At the second red light take a left then cross Shields and go to Moores Mill Rd. Then take a right and a quick left to Chase. At the end of Chase take a left and you can ride Meridian St back to Pratt where you started.

This is a fun ride if you're trying to keep it under 55 or scrub in a new tire, I like the fact I can cut the ride short and be home quick if needed