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Author Topic: Rules for Swap Meet  (Read 4541 times)

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Rules for Swap Meet
« on: April 24, 2017, 08:15:36 PM »
Rules for Swap Meet

  • The Swap Meet section is for member-to-member sales only.
  • The occasional "posting for a friend" is okay, but don't abuse it, please.
  • Vendors must talk to a Moderator first and get clearance to sell here.  Vendors must post in the "Vendors" board.
  • Each ad needs a clear location and price, even if you just want to trade.
  • Pics are optional, but your ad will be more successful if you do post pictures.  Why make people ask?
  • Please note your profile location does not show on many mobile devices.
  • Post all of the details here.  Do not say, "Go to this Craigslist/EBay/whatever link".
  • All sales and trades are "AS IS" and "buyer beware" unless the seller specifically mentions a warranty.
  • No spamming or posting content of private messages.
  • It is the seller's responsibility to obey all local, state, and federal laws for firearms, ammo, drugs, alcohol, etc.
  • When an item is sold, found, gone or if you withdraw it from sale, please edit your thread title by adding a prefix.
  • Do not crap in the seller's thread with negative comments such as "your price is too high, your item is in bad condition," etc.
  • Let's keep it nice and about the sale. Helping each other out vs. making a profit is what this is about.

If you see a problem, click the "Report to Moderator" link near the bottom of the post, and we will look into it.
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