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Welcome - Go get 'em!

Started by Guidedawg, August 30, 2017, 03:05:20 PM

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If you actually need an excuse to ride, here is another.  Try to get a photo of your bike at any of the following sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The sites are listed below by county
You can find various Internet sites with information on the counties in general or on the specific properties.  The listings on this forum are based on information contained in

Photos, more descriptions, and GPS coordinates are located there
Historic Districts are usually roughly bounded by the streets listed

There are several properties that will not be able to be photographed.  It may be a private residence too far off a road, inaccessible by vehicle, or unable to frame both the motorcycle and structure in the same photo.  But the whole purpose is to get out and ride, so get as close as you can and have fun.

As sites are posted, I will place that property in bold to show it has been found, but I encourage additional photos from other members going to the same place.

When you post the photo, put a description of the property.  A brief note is often found on the site linked above, but there are other sites.  Unfortunately, some may have no specific info or even address listed.

As long as your motorcycle is in the photo, I allow old photos of the locations.  There are plenty left to go out and find.


Bold idea GD


Thanks, but I'm just restoring what another (Willy T, perhaps?) started.  In fact, the heading for this section came over with the new pages, but his county info did not.

Since I also enjoy history and learning about the state, once I dusted off the section for Montgomery County, I decided to retype the others so that everyone could join in.

Nice Goat

Here is a GPX file with all of the historic places

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I like this thread. Looking forward to getting some miles in searching for these great places! ;)