Good places to eat in Millbrook and Prattville (Elmore/Autauga Co)

Started by Freebooter, September 19, 2015, 11:25:51 AM

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Hello all,
I am no tour guide but if you like good places to eat, Prattville is full of them. On Cobb's Ford Rd, the Prattville exit closest to Montgomery. It crosses the interstate there,  you have all your big steak places; Texas Road House, Outback, Longhorn, O'Charlies, etc. Plus several Mexican restaurants. In Target shopping center you have a Tropical Smoothie, CC's Pizza, etc. There are two all you can eat Chinese places. And if you want down home cooking lunch specials then go to Jim's Restaurant on Hy 31 going towards Montgomery out of Prattville on your right. Great food. A meat and three vegatables, etc. It was started by Jim Pierce who came out of WWII and started it and it has been a good place to eat for us old Prattvillians for all these years. I love that place.

In Millbrook on Hy 14 you have Hardees, McD's, and Sonic but on down about 1/2 mile from I-65 on the right a bit past Walmart. For $6.99 you get a meat and two veggies, salad, and desert. All for $6.99. Good eating too. Also is the Front Porch Grill. If you turn onto Deasville Hy next to Hardees you go about 50-100 yards and it is on your right. A pretty decent place to eat.