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Author Topic: North Alabama Vintage Riders Digest for April 6, 2019  (Read 1185 times)

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North Alabama Vintage Riders Digest for April 6, 2019
« on: April 07, 2019, 01:26:12 PM »
 Hi, Everyone!

At last, I'm going to publish a new edition of the Riders Digest, no matter what!

It was great to see our "house" packed at the Blue Plate this morning.  We filled our entire allotted area, and the atmosphere was abuzz with the excitement of improving weather and the promise of plentiful riding opportunities.

Mike Long was the featured speaker this morning.  He announced NAVMC's agreement to partner with Redstone Harley Davidson on each of its monthly bike nights.  Redstone hosts bike nights on the third Thursday of each month, and NAVMC agreed to pack the parking lot with as many vintage bikes and riders as possible.  A premise behind our participation is to help collect funds to benefit the local chapter of the Disabled American Veterans.  The next upcoming bike night is April 18th, from 6pm to 8pm.  Please make plans to be there!

​A couple of weeks ago, Eric Mills ​extended an invitation to us to change tires over at his place.  Every tire on each of my bikes had a problem or was worn out, so I decided to accept his invitation and take all four wheels over to his place to change the tires.  Last Saturday afternoon, we changed all of 'em.  Here are a few pics I captured.  Indeed, Eric is meticulous and thorough, and has all the right equipment to replace tires, and balance them afterwards.  I can't wait to get out and try the new Michelins he mounted and balanced for me.  (I also can't wait to see if Michelin's claim holds true, and I get to ride 20,000+ miles without having to replace either tire!!!)


Now for some entertainment:

OK, I know we're all about vintage bikes.  But isn't it fun to see what's coming out of the motorcycle manufacturers' design studios and production facilities?

The 2019 New Motorcycles Encyclopedia: Complete Collection

Here are some bits on motorcycle racing:


Vintage Bikes:


Extraordinary Riding:

Who's ready to do an epic ride through the coldest place on earth?

Epic ride to the coldest place on earth - Motorbike Writer
Despite a broken wiring loom, Lithuanian motorcycle adventurer Karolis Mieliauskas has successfully competed an epic ride to the coldest place on earth on a Yamaha Tenere.. We published an article in late January about his plans and many readers thought he was crazy to ride 1000km across Siberia in temperatures down to -60C.

Clothing and Gear:

Aerostich Women’s R-3 One Piece Suit Review

Best Motorcycle Racing Gloves

Best Modular Motorcycle Helmets

A Little Humor:

11 Off-The-Wall Motorcycle Laws For 2019
In Hawaii, motorcyclists can ride on the shoulder. In Oregon, they can take home roadkill for dinner. We look at some of the stranger road rules on the books.

And now for our activities:

April--All Month:  It's KAWASAKI month!  Please share your photos and stories about those vintage Kawi's!!

April 7th:  Bike blessings by the One Sent CMA chapter of Fayetteville at Church on the Rock of Park City.  Blessings begin at 11 am, and the chapter will be hosting a benefit BBQ in the parking lot as well.

April 7:  23rd Annual Mobile Bay Vintage Motorcycle Club Vintage Motorcycle Show, Green Park, Dauphin Island, AL.  https://www.cyclefish.com/motorcycle_event/51270

April 8-10:  AMCA Cherokee Chapter National Road Run, Kerrville, TX.  https://www.cyclefish.com/motorcycle_event/49607

April 13:  National Vintage Motocross Racing at Diamond Don's, Jefferson, TX.  https://www.cyclefish.com/motorcycle_event/49717

April 18:  NAVMC packs the house at Redstone Harley Davidson's Bike Night, I-565, exit 3, from 6-8 pm.

April 25-29:  Sidecars in the Smokies Rally, Iron Horse Campground, Robbinsville, NC.  https://www.cyclefish.com/motorcycle_event/50013

April 25-28:  10th Annual Spring Shovelhead Retreat, at the Kickstand Lodge, Stecoah, NC.  UPDATE:  It looks like I'll be committed elsewhere during this time period, so I won't be attending after all.  However, I'll continue to carry the event for any of you who may be interested.

April 26-27:  AMCA Perkiomen Chapter Motorcycle Show, Oley, PA.  http://www.antiquemotorcycle.org/index.php?page=nat-l-meets-road-runs-old

April 27:  Athens Car and Bike Show, on the square, Athens, AL.

April 27:  Meltdown Vintage Motorcycle Show, Southern Appalachian Brewery, Hendersonville, NC.  https://www.cyclefish.com/motorcycle_event/50691

April 27-28:  Perry Mountain Motorcycle Club Tower Run National Dual Sport Ride and Adventure Rally, 2464 County Road 26, Plantersville, AL.  https://www.cyclefish.com/motorcycle_event/45212

April 27-28:  Nirvana's Rockin' in the Holler Spring Rally, 704 Britton Hollow Road, Pulaski, TN.  https://www.cyclefish.com/motorcycle_event/51221

April 28:  4th Annual Cycle Works Vintage Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet, Goshen, IN.  https://www.cyclefish.com/motorcycle_event/50934

May 1-5:  Spring Thunder Beach Rally, as well as Biker Book for Charity book signings, Panama City Beach, FL.  https://www.cyclefish.com/motorcycle_event/51025

May 2-4:  37th Annual Tennessee GWRRA District "Spring Fling", Pigeon Forge, TN.  https://www.cyclefish.com/motorcycle_event/49256

May 5:  3rd annual Motorcycle swap meet put on by the Metro Detroit AMCA chapter taking place at Shark Club Waterford (6665 Highland Rd, Waterford, MI 48327)

May 5-11:  20th Annual Eastern Two-Stroke Rally, Deal's Gap Motorcycle Resort, 17548 Tapoco Rd, Tapoco, NC 28771.  Note that our own Mike Long has been nominated by the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Association to document this year's 20th anniversary event (Congratulations, Mike!).  If any others of you plan to join Mike (and several others who have already announced plans to attend, contact Michael Long by PM on facebook to coordinate travel and linkup arrangements.

May 11:  Vintage Motorcycle Show at the home of the "Critter Bikes", Lake Hill Motors, Corinth, MS.  https://www.lakehillmotors.com/  Plans are in the making for a group ride from Huntsville to Corinth to visit and/or take part in the show!  More details forthcoming.

May 11:  National Vintage Motocross Racing, Jimmy Weinert Facility, Maysville, NC.  https://www.cyclefish.com/motorcycle_event/49718

May 17-19:  AMCA Southern National Meet, 1072 Cranford Rd, Denton, NC.  http://www.amcasouthernnationalmeet.com

May 18:  National Vintage Motocross Racing, Mill Creek MX Park, Combs, AR.  https://www.cyclefish.com/motorcycle_event/49719

May 18:  Fredericksburg 3rd Annual Vintage Motorcycle Show, Pecan Grove Store, Fredericksburg, TX.  https://www.cyclefish.com/motorcycle_event/49535

May 18-19:  Motorcycle Legends Weekend at Two Wheels of Suches, Suches, GA.  https://twowheelsofsuches.com/event/motorcycle-legends-weekend-aka-spring-vintage-2-stroke-bike-rally/?instance_id=179

May 19:  Midwest Classic & Antique Motorcycle Club's 7th annual bike show, Hebron, IL.  https://www.cyclefish.com/motorcycle_event/51307

May 19:  Classic Motorcycle Day, Mt. Airy, MD.  http://classicmotorcycleday.org/

May 24-25:  AMCA-Europe's 2019 International Meet (4-Cylinder theme), Haalte, Netherlands  http://www.amca-europe.eu

May 24-26:  AHRMA Vintage Motorcycle Fest and Swap Meet, Millville, NJ  https://www.cyclefish.com/motorcycle_event/50110

May 26:  29th Annual Massachusetts British Iron Association British and Classic Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet, Oxford, MA  https://www.cyclefish.com/motorcycle_event/50228

June 2:  41st Annual British Motorcycle Meet, Lancaster, MA  https://www.cyclefish.com/motorcycle_event/50230

June 8:  Vintage Motorcycle Weekend Saturday Ride and Swap Meet, Hickory Corners, MI  https://www.cyclefish.com/motorcycle_event/50234

June 8:  National Vintage Motocross Series:  Dutch Sports Park, Bloomingdale, MI  https://www.cyclefish.com/motorcycle_event/49721

June 8 - 16:  Laconia Motorcycle Week, Laconia, NH  https://www.cyclefish.com/motorcycle_event/49323

June 10-12:  AMCA Allegheny Mountain Chapter's National Road Run, Ligonier/Seven Springs, PA.

June 14-15:  AMCA Fort Sutter Chapter's 19th Annual National Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet, honoring the 82nd year of the Triumph Speed Twin.  Held at Dixon Fairgrounds, Dixon, CA.

June 28-29: British In the Blue Ridge Rally 2019, Hiawassee, GA.   https://gabma.us/event/2019-british-in-the-blue-ridge-rally/

June 29:  National Motorcycle Museum's 9th Annual Vintage Rally, Anamosa, IA.  https://www.nationalmcmuseum.org/event/9th-annual-vintage-rally-anamosa-iowa-june-29-2019/

July 4-7:  AMCA Empire Chapter National Bike Show and Swap Meet, Tompkins County Fairgrounds, 2150 Trumansburg Rd, Trumansburg, NY 14886.

July 5-7, 2019.  AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days.  Held at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, OH.

It's time to ride!!

Stay safe, and see you on the road!
Live to Ride...or Die Tryin'!