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When passing

Started by sctparker, October 18, 2015, 05:25:04 PM

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 When passing here is a good reason to be as far over as possible. I have been on  rides where I have seen riders hug the cars they are over taking . I had a similar situation a few days ago , mine was a legal pass at about 40 and I was able to stop ( lady had a dog in her lap and was texting she just wasn't paying attention) if I had been darting around her and not  on the other side of the opposite lane  things wouldn't have been so good. Also I wasn't as nice to her as the guy was here when she stopped at the same store I pulled into to check my drawers



Wow! I hope both rider and passenger fully recover from their injuries. They should get a major payday from the arrogant old mans insurance. This obviously wasn't a vehicle accident, it was a criminal act, depending on the severity of the injuries, the old man should be arrested for either Assault II or Assault I.


Loose nut holding the handlebars


A spider bite is the best he could come up with? He may actually rot in jail for this one. Thank God for the rider with the camera that caught up to the couple. If it wouldn't have been on film then the driver may have gotten away with it.


Agreed - video made all the difference in that case and once it got out, pressure was on to have the driver face charges.  I'm glad to see he is being called on it.


This may not be the popular choice but screw all parties involved here. Put the old man in jail and ticket both those riders for being fools. I have and aunt I never saw because she crested a hill as a motorcycle was passing on a double yellow up hill and she took the ditch as to not kill the rider, unfortunately car rolled upside down in a drainage ditch and she drowned.


The old man was arrested for aggravated assault. Appropriate. The motorcyclist received two citations. One for passing on the double yellow and the second for riding with a suspended license. Appropriate.
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Argh Oh

Good to see this update, I'd only seen up to the claimed insect bite. Clearly not on his mind in the rider video. He seemed proud of himself. Just another ass.