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That was a mistake...

Started by norton73, January 02, 2021, 05:46:58 PM

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Cleared up some of the old trials sections I had built in the woods behind the house from when I used to compete. Of course, I don't have a currently running trials bike, so I rode the KLX. I have now crashed more in 2021 that I have in the previous 10 years.
I'm gonna be a hurtin' puppy tomorrow.
Loose nut holding the handlebars

Moto Guzzi

Got in some good practice then?  lol  Hope it's not too bad tomorrow!


Getting in some Hard Enduro training with the KLX?


Loose nut holding the handlebars


Man I want a trials bike and a place to ride it at my house!!
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Trials: most fun you can have at 0.5 mph. :-)

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