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Author Topic: Welcome to the Motorcycle Tennessee Forum!  (Read 811 times)

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Welcome to the Motorcycle Tennessee Forum!
« on: February 06, 2021, 09:14:42 PM »
If you've been to the sister forum MotorycleAlabama.com this will be familiar territory for you. While there is a site for Alabama and Tennessee state lines don't exist in the forums. Many riders have been part of the Motorcycle Alabama site from outside the state of Alabama--including myself. The common denominator is riding. Motorcyclists just want to ride and along the way enjoy the route, good food, great places, and at the top are fellow motorcyclists.

Leveraging the Motorcycle Alabama site and members, the Motorcycle Tennessee will have an area for Tennessee topics; however, the "Open House," "Bikes," and the "Members Only" areas will be a joint collaboration. This arrangement helps common areas get more visibility. A single sign-in will get you access to both sites.

Motorcycle Tennessee can be reached by going to MotorcycleTennessee.com or MC-TN.com.

To borrow from the Motorcycle Alabama site, the joy of motorcycling is many things to many people.  As motorcyclists, we love to ride.  We also love to hang out, share riding stories, and plan future rides.  We all enjoy discussing history and trends in the motorcycling industry and markets.  Occasionally, we need some advice or have the ability to offer advice to others.  It feels good to help a new rider gain skills and solve problems with their bike or a riding situation. 

The staff of Motorcycle Tennessee and Motorcycle Alabama welcome you to your newly added riding community.  This will be the place to meet new friends, to share riding experiences, to discuss and plan rides with friends, and to post collective knowledge about motorcycles and riding in Tennessee and Alabama.

Feel free to sign-up and introduce yourself. Heck, you might even see some familiar names in the two sites!
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