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Honda Recon

Started by N4HHE, June 11, 2021, 09:44:17 PM

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Its been ignored for too long. Been waking it from sleep the past couple days to take to my property in TN on Saturday to explore.

Flushed brake fluid. Forced WD-40 down handlebar rear brake cable to get it returning smoothly. Gas was nearly 2 years old but "it still ran". Had drained carburetor before parking way back then. Still, took the gas tank off for the first time to get the gas out then started making a list of the parts the PO had "lost". About 10 big plastic rivets, 3 rubber straps, an engine cover bolt. Tool box drain thingy rubber is hard and brittle.

Burned the old gas in a cookie tin this afternoon. Runs much better with fresh 87 octane E10.

Looks much better after washing than it really looks.