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2021 Trip to Colorado

Started by thinwater, October 06, 2021, 07:34:19 AM

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Nice Goat

I'll probably be going to Colorado next summer, but that will be with family.  Taking my daughter to visit the Air Force Academy.  We may rent a SxS and do the Alpine Loop. 

But I won't be able to go with my motorcycle until the following summer... hence 2023.
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I rode through on my way back from California. Only time in my life I have been sweaty on a motorcycle while looking up at snow peaks.  :)


Instead of the last half of Day 8 it is now part II and part III of day 8 as the file size of the second half turned out to be over the file size upload limit. 

Day 8 part II Descent of Stoney pass and treacherous Timber Hill

Day 8 part III onward from Timber Hill to run Lost Creek Trail :'(


This is it, the end of the trip.  It obviously didn't go as planned, but it was done anyway and I enjoyed it.  "The more the misery, the more Epic the Tale!"

Three absolutely full days of riding to get home, the first one was scenic and pleasantly warm instead of hot, then we were in the hottest zone by our trip out when dusk set in.  We decide to take advantage of the cooler day and push as far as possible so hopefully the next day we'd be past the hottest zone before lunch.  It all worked out, then dodged rain modifying our route to get a U-Haul in Springfield MO.  From there we brought it all home. 


Chuck & Susan

Thank you for allowing us to ride along for this adventure!!! You and @Pepperlady had some challenges but that's what will make it a great memory that will last a lifetime....

Awesome job by you both!!!

It's a beautiful day, let's go somewhere....
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