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Author Topic: Use of this board  (Read 7189 times)

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Use of this board
« on: November 29, 2017, 11:35:33 AM »
For the longest time, we have had a board for "Planned Rides" and "Let's Ride."  People were often confused about where to post, so we've decided to try something different.

Street Rides - If you want to organize a one-day street ride, or if you already have one planned with routes and meeting point, etc., or if you just want to ask who is riding street on a given day, do it on this board.  Level of planning no longer matters --- put all simple street rides here.

Dirt & Dual Sport Rides - Same for planned or impromptu simple dirt/DS rides --- put them here, regardless of whether you know exactly what you want to do on the ride.

Ride Planning - This should only be used for multi-day or long-range rides where lots of planning and coordination is needed to iron out the details.  Once the ride is firmed up, we'll move it to "Street Rides" or "Dirt & Dual Sport Rides" and make sure the correct details are in the first post and the subject line.

I've cleaned up the old Let's Ride section and moved all of the threads to their new homes.  The only things left in Ride Planning are rides that have not occurred yet where there is a chance/hope that the original poster still intends to do the ride someday.

Best Roads & Stops - If you are just trying to plan routes or stops for a ride, and you are not yet ready to invite people to join you, please post in this board.

We are hoping that this will make it clearer and easier.  Let us know what you think.
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