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Author Topic: Hopper's Quest for 100,000 Miles  (Read 798 times)

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Hopper's Quest for 100,000 Miles
« on: November 03, 2021, 03:31:12 PM »
From - https://www.milemonstersinc.com/
100,000 Miles in 100 Days

Texas Native and fellow Hoka Hey Rider Chris Hopper has joined Mile Monsters Inc. to attempt what seems like an unimaginable task.  Complete a 100,000 mile ride around the country.  To do it in complete Monster fashion he set out to do this in 100 Days!  The ride is taking place right now and will continue into November.  All proceeds from this amazing ride will go to helping others. The ride is financed by Hop himself so all donations go directly to the cause.  I encourage everyone to share this story with any one they can.  The Previous record is 46,000 miles in 46 days.  Hop has a tracker on his bike with real time updates and we encourage people to go out and get a pic with him.  The sacrifices Hop is making to help raise money and awareness for a cause that he has no connection to is incredible.  He doesn't have to ride 4 others! But he does just that. He rides 4 others despite the risk!  Go Hop Go!

Please visit our FB Group @ MILE MONSTERS INC. Updates and pics are posted daily.

On behalf of Hopper, Riot, Mile Monsters Inc. and all of the boys we are trying to help- We Thank You!


He met his goal this morning.

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Re: Hopper's Quest for 100,000 Miles
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2021, 03:27:13 PM »