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2022 in review.

Started by klaviator, January 03, 2023, 12:28:32 PM

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Here's a brief review of my riding in 2022;

My first interesting rides in 2022 were on January 3rd. I went for three rides that day. The first one was on the Like:

Then I rode the KLX:

Winter wonderland in Alabama made for a lot of picture opportunities.

And then one more ride on the Like:

There was still snow on the 4rth so I went for another ride.


My first long ride of 2022 was a solo ride to Florence and Muscle Shoals.

My first group ride of the year was the next day. We met in Ardmore and had lunch at the Old Delina Country Stor.




Feb 19th. We met in Taft for a dual sport ride.

@enginebreak was still riding High maintenance back then.

Lunch in Delina.

Stephen managed to find barbed wire on Van Zandt road again.

Stephen's video of the ride:


On March 5th we met in Taft again for a dual sport ride. This was the ride where we had 5 Himalayans.

Some action photography.



Lunch was in Flat Creek.

More riding after lunch.


Of course I did a lot of short rides, many of them to get sunset pics. This was one of my favorites from March 14th.

On March 19th we met in Ardmore for a street ride. We had a huge turnout.

On March 26th we met in Gurley for a street ride.

@Thinwater had just picked up his V85TT the previous weekend.

We rode plenty of curvy roads.

@Thinwater 's video for this ride:


April 3rd. Time for another dual sport ride. We had two meeting spots, Allsport and the Danville Gas station. We ended up with 13 riders.

We rode a mix of dirt and paved roads to Chef Troy's where we met more riders for lunch.

It was the first ride after hip replacement for @2372ighost . He rode his Ural.

Then we rode the Whale Snot trail which wasn't very snotty that day.

We rode some easy dirt roads in Bankhead.

Stephen's video of this ride:


"keep the rubber side down"

Al Goodwin

Great pictures as always ...