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Klim Latitude Jacket

Started by KevinB, May 28, 2023, 05:41:29 PM

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- Klim Latitude jacket, size XL...excellent condition.

No rips, tears, scuffs, crash damage, etc.

I upgraded the standard D30 armor with Lvl 2 D30 (Lvl 2 Viper in back, T5 Evo Pro shoulders/elbow).

$280 picked up in B'ham area...will ship for $15.

- Klim Induction jacket, size XL...excellent condition.

- Klim Mojave Inside-The-Boot pants in used condition. 

Merkur Man

I have a couple of questions about the Latitude jacket.
Is the Latitude jacket really waterproof? What's the hardest rain that you have ridden in while wearing it, and did you stay dry?
How good is that venting in the Alabama summer heat?

I already own an Induction jacket, but mine is sized large and it fits me prefect. Not sure how an XL would fit.



I love the Latitude...I went through a few dozen jackets over the years before I finally found one that was "just right".

I've worn it in some monsoon downpours, and other than some moisture wicking in around the collar and at the wrists from my gloves not doing their job, I was nice and dry.

Venting is decent...I've worn it up to @ 80 degrees, and if moving I was fine. Stopped, I started to get uncomfortable. I wouldn't want to wear this as a summer jacket (unless you knew it was going to be a rainy ride...if the sun comes out, you're probably toast). But this was my mild to cold weather jacket (with a heated liner, I was comfortable down into the low 20's). I wouldn't be getting rid of it, but I'm bike-less for the time being and it's just been collecting dust in the gear closet for a while.

Fit is typical Klim "American fit"...I'm @ 215lbs., 48" chest and wear an XL t-shirt and it fits me just right. I'm a 3X in Rev'It stuff.

Merkur Man

Thanks for the reply.
Today I stopped by Custmmc's house and tried on his Klim jackets. They were all XL and were just a bit baggy for me.
I would need a large sized jacket.