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2006 Yamaha FJR1300 $4000

Started by JBMFT, October 05, 2023, 08:29:56 PM

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2 owner bike with every upgrade you could think of.
Wide out mirrors, 4 different windshields, Traxxion Dynamics front end and rear suspension upgrades, handlebar riders, handlebar foam comfort covers, protection covers on the tank and side bags, top case, mechanical cruise control, frame sliders, All-Day seat mod, driver backrest, SBK Leo Vince Exhaust, Owner's and Shop manuals, Yamaha hard bag liners and matching bike cover. 30k or so miles on the clock. Also have most take-off parts. Only issue is the right side cover broke at the mounting points but the broken parts still hold the cover on. New-ish tires and recent Rotella oil change and final drive fluid change. This bike has been as far north as PA and all over the south and the east coast. Other than the side cover it has never given me a single issue. Bike runs like a scalded dog, fast as the days are long. You can pass at 90 without downshifting. 
KBB says the typical listing price is $6,120.00 and trade in value is $4215.00 (which doesn't count all the upgrades on this rig).
Bamarides price is $4000. Somebody come buy this thing so I can go get a Road Glide.