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2024 Beat the Heat Scooter rally

Started by klaviator, January 12, 2024, 01:11:42 PM

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This will be the 6th annual Maggie Valley Beat the Heat Scooter rally

The official dates for this years event are July 14-19. For those who prefer the weekend or want a longer time to ride the area the event unofficially starts Saturday the 13th. I plan on getting there on the 13th. If you plan on getting there early you might want to make reservations ASAP as rooms fill up fast on weekends.

The motel will be the same as the last two years:

AHoliday Motel, Phone: 1-828-926-1186

If (when) the Aholiday fills up there is a Comfort Inn across the street which several people used last year.

Fro those of you who haven't who haven't been this is a very loosely organized event. No T shirts, stickers, parades or rules. Any type of bike is welcome but a scooter of at least 125cc is recommended.

This area offers some of the best riding in the country with super twisty roads and great scenery.

While the rest of the country is typically sweltering in heat this time of year the Maggie Valley area is normally 10-15 degrees cooler. A lot of riders who wear mesh riding gear end up being cold.

This event is being organized on the Adventure Rider forum:

You can see what this event is about through my ride reports for past events.

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