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Some of the EAAL Saturday 17 Feb

Started by Carter Fury, February 10, 2024, 09:01:35 AM

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Carter Fury

Howdy. New to the area. If anyone wants to ride some of the EAAL next Saturday the 17th, please let me know, am amenable to the start point, linkup time and direction of travel, just let me know.

Will be on a KTM 790 Adv R and I've ridden numerous western BDRs, stop every hour to get off the bike to stay fresh, ride to my comfort level of conditions, and rarely stop for pictures...

Currently I plan to ride up from Auburn to one of the southern points after coffee and ride it until I'm smoked/bored/done then probably return home unless others want to join or have a suggested direction.

Haven't ridden one of his route before but have downloaded the gpx tracks.

Carter Fury

Rode for six hours on a chilly Saturday with a buddy, covering approx 60 miles of the EAAL.

short version: good route, doable on the big bikes, they were serious about the "Bridge Out" sign and I was a wuss crossing it so we had to manhandle my bike out of the creek.

look forward to riding more of it in warmer weather.