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BMW MOAL 2d Sat Ride-2-Eat

Started by HSV-Phil, March 02, 2024, 10:42:00 PM

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Y'all are invited to go for a Ride-2-Eat next Saturday: 9Mar24.

For March's Ride-2-Eat, we'll visit Beans and Greens in Ballplay, AL.

Hoping to rendezvous there around 1100 when they open. Get there in any conveyance that works for U! As usual, we'll depart the Blue Plate Cafe ~0830 to refuel at the Murphy's Gas along South Parkway. From there, we'll meander along county roads down toward Gadsden (like our trip to Harp & Clover). We'll then continue east on US-278 before heading north on Centre Rd to the restaurant. Since it's Vern's suggestion, I'm sure the selection will be worth your effort. Hope to see U there next Saturday.

Since I can't attach a gpx file, see if y'all can UnZip my waypoint-route file....

Ciao, HSV-Phil
el Presidente, BMWMOAL
cell: 301-503-7472


i'm going to pencil this in. I'll have a better idea if I can make it as the week goes by.


Depending on the weather I may show up for this.


Looks like the rain wins out, at least for me. :(


I'm out too.  Besides the rain I need a new rear tire for my Versys.