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For Sale, 2021 Tenere 700 Springville, AL $8800

Started by norton73, June 30, 2024, 12:35:50 PM

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Selling my 2021 Tenere 700. I'm the second owner, I got it with 832 miles from someone who never got it offroad and decided they really wanted a street bike instead.
I had since rode it like it intended, some single track, a bunch of double track, a bunch of touring including the MABDR, and chasing sport bikes on twisties.
Currently has 19916 miles. Regular oil changes with Motul 5100 or 7100.

I lowered it with Rally Raid links by 20mm and slipped the forks 15mm up in the triple clamp. I'm short and fat, so 6.6 kg Ktech springs in the forks and a 95kg rear spring have been installed, along with a Seat Concepts Low Comfort Seat.

Lots of accessories have been throw at it, including;
Camel ADV high front fender kit with YZfront fender
Adventure Spec Aluminium crash bars
Yamaha Piaa lights mounted on the crash bars with aftermarket mounts
Rally Raid headlight guard
WSR Flared deflectors beside the windshield
TST LED turn signals
Kaoko throttle lock
Rally Raid handlebar top clamp
Camel Adv Anti Bobblehead support for GPS
Oversize footpegs mounted on Kedo lowered mounts
Camel Adv minimal rack
Camel Adv Tail tidy
Aluminium blue chain guard
16 tooth countershaft sprocket
AXP ABS skid plate
Yamaha GYTR radiator guard
double USB port with voltmeter to right of panel
Hinged fuel cap holder
Tech Spec scratch guards
Camel Adv one finger clutch arm
LSK ABS dongle
Camel Adv Camel Toe sidestand -25mm
Heated grips

Loose nut holding the handlebars