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Author Topic: Freedom Powersports Huntsville, Alabama  (Read 4352 times)

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Re: Freedom Powersports Huntsville, Alabama
« Reply #15 on: October 30, 2021, 07:51:35 AM »
I stopped by Freedom Yesterday.  If you are looking for Boots or Gloves they had a good selection and Like Allsport, their Noru gear was marked way down.

They had a good selection of riding boots.  Boots and gloves are two things I hate to buy online.  I'd much prefer trying them on.  I just bought a pair of boots from Allsport so I don't need another pair but if you need boots I'd stop by Allsport or Freedom.

They also had the New BMW 400cc scooter in stock.  It's pretty ugly IMO.

I'm in need o some new boots. ...thanks, I may ride up and take a look at what they have.