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Author Topic: Show us where you went dual sport riding today  (Read 29258 times)

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Re: Show us where you went dual sport riding today
« Reply #315 on: March 12, 2019, 12:00:05 PM »
Camped in Cheaha State Park in the upper camping area, the lower was closed due to down trees.
Pinky Burnes trailhead of the Pinhoti.

Stopped for  lunch at the store at the intersection of HW9 and 78. Shared a can of Vienna Sausages with this dog. He must get by pretty good, he wouldn't eat soda crackers.

Camped with 3 guys that work at BMW dealerships, only two of the BMW's in the pic, it may be hard to tell but the other is my KLR.  I turned in early, they were arguing over whether or not Pro Mode utilizes any ABS. They didn't know anything about doo hickys or thermobobs.