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Author Topic: A Little Fun Reading  (Read 581 times)

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A Little Fun Reading
« on: May 03, 2019, 08:05:24 AM »
 I haven't yet finished updating the May calendar, but in the meanwhile, I packaged up these motorcycle racing articles for your perusal.  Enjoy!

First, an article that's truly vintage:  Take a look at this article on the revival of the Imola 200, which began in 1972.  And, this weekend, a number of the race's champions will gather to ride a few "parade" laps around the track, and then sign autographs and greet fans.  Anyone got tickets to fly to Italy?


Update on the Dakar Race, and its new venue:

Looks like the Czech government has gone tone-deaf and become near-sighted.  They've cut their subsidies for the Brno motor speedway, leaving Moto GP to find another location...Finland, perhaps?

This article probably isn't what Valentino Rossi would have hoped for during celebrations of his 40th birthday.  But hey:  He's 40 this year, and still alive, well, sponsored and racing!  So what's a little bit of critical review???

Though this isn't racing, it's fun:  Enjoy this great story about the legendary Mods and Rockers motorcycle clubs of 60's and 70's England:

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