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Author Topic: Wetumpka/Alex City/Rockford/Pentonville/Titus Loop  (Read 73 times)

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Wetumpka/Alex City/Rockford/Pentonville/Titus Loop
« on: July 18, 2021, 07:46:15 PM »
Well another Saturday morning ride report- we continue to try and find the perfect roads, coffee, and conversation, and thus far we have enjoyed the adventure. This week we had an eclectic group including Honda, Yamaha, Beemers, and a Harley.  Wetumpka to Equality on 9 , 259 to Alex City, 22 to Rockford, 231 to Pentonville, Coosa Co. 14 and 29 to Titus and back to Wetumpka on 231.  Coffee break at Delta Mart in Rockford.  Caught a little rain on the way back but if you want to ride this summer seems like you are going to get wet.  Some good views and some wildlife mostly out in the country with limited cagers.  We live in the "River Region" -meaning the Coosa and Tallapoosa form the Alabama here in home town take over city of Wetumpka.  In the cooler months we like to ride Lake Martin and Lake Jordan, but summer time tends to have too many weaving SUVs towing boats...oftentimes in our lane.  Therefore summer rides are better off riding between the lakes and just getting into the foothills of the Appalachians near Rockford and Weogufka.  Guidedawg joined us this weekend on his VTX and that is always good.  I know he got a photo of his bike with a mural in Rockford so I imagine that photo might make its way into the games section of the site.  Note for anyone out riding this particular loop- 259 is under some repair construction work right now, so grooved pavement- not too bad but take it slow and enjoy the ride.

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Re: Wetumpka/Alex City/Rockford/Pentonville/Titus Loop
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2021, 11:32:13 AM »
My friend RnineT normally rides with his brother and a friend fairly regularly, but he has really been on a roll lately!  I believe this was the third consecutive Saturday he has invited me and the first I was able to join in a bit.  With new guests arriving on each ride, it can always be something different.

I met up with the Beemer Brothers at a gas station in Wetumpka and they told me there were two other riders waiting to join us at a point further north.  Sure enough, two bikes were waiting beside the route and fell in as we passed.

I am “borrowing” this map from a FB post from RnineT.  Thanks Pal!

We turned off 231 north to take Hwy 9.  I know some people say that Equality is hard to find in Alabama, but we rode right through it.  Admittedly, we are 5 middle-aged white guys but as mentioned before, we had 2 BMWs, a Honda, Harley, and Yamaha so perhaps the name fit after all.  Then again, maybe a route through Eclectic would have been more fitting.

We turned right on 259, and as mentioned it was grooved pavement most of the way.  However, we had all agreed to a leisurely pace (by that we mean no more than speed limit + 5) beforehand so this was not an issue.  Besides, any faster and we might have gotten taken out by the turkey that decided to trot across the highway in front of us.

Our route took us to Fishpond and then back down the always pleasant Hwy 22 into Rockford where we had our pitstop.  Introductions were made and we chewed the fat along with some refreshments. 

After my failed attempt at a group shot, I decided to ride across the street to get a photo of a mural I noticed.

I liked the way they incorporated other local sites into the letters of the town

I assume the dog featured is a tribute to “Fred, the town dog”  Read a bit of his story here:


With the break over, we continued south on 231 but then turned onto County Road 14.  I believe this may have been my favorite part of the ride because it is everything I enjoy about riding – a small country road going through almost nowhere with a few curves, canopies of trees, and little traffic.  In other words, an excellent opportunity to just enjoy the moment.

Riding through Titus was also highly enjoyable as just another of Alabama’s small communities.  The last few times I was in the area to ride on Co. Road 29, I came in from Byuck, so it was a pleasure to take 29 through town instead.

We reached 231 again and I let the group go on while I pulled over at a gas station because I am an old guy with a small bladder and I exchanged greetings with a group of riders headed to a chapter event for their MC in Oneota.

One of the scavenger hunt games from another motorcycle forum had a current mark of a mile maker ending in a 3, so I pulled off on a convenient side street running along 231 to get a photo of mile 123 on 231 and ended up feeling a bit dyslexic.

Since I was in the area, I decided to detour through downtown Wetumpka.  There were a LOT of people and vehicles at the kayak rental and outfitters along the Coosa, so a lot of paddlers out on an overcast day.  I had forgotten that Company street is closed for improvements and figured I could find my way through.  I ended up on a winding path that took me down a rather steep hill and sharp turn before coming out by the “Big Fish House” and between Frios and Grumpy Dog – a corner of gastronomic delight. 

The rain started falling as I was making my way back to Montgomery and I considered pulling under cover to wait it out but since I didn’t see a rain cloud it was difficult to gauge.  Fortunately, the rain was light and I was close to home.

I look forward to my next ride with RnineT and companions.  He and his brother know all the back roads in the area and it’s always something new for me.

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Re: Wetumpka/Alex City/Rockford/Pentonville/Titus Loop
« Reply #2 on: July 19, 2021, 02:27:28 PM »
Always good to have Guidedawg in the pack.  And BTW we can always plan more rest breaks if anyone downs too much coffee and...  you know.  :'(  Thanks for the extra pics too.  ALso co. rd 14 that you enjoyed is even nicer on the east side of 231.