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Author Topic: How to read tire wear  (Read 617 times)

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How to read tire wear
« on: November 21, 2017, 07:39:24 PM »
This is a really good article about tire wear. It mostly applies to sport bikes and trackday junkies but the information should be useful for all riders.


The Race Track Tyre Wear Guide: Common Types and their Causes
Tyres, Bike & Misc Guides   / By   Dan Netting
In this guide I have gone over some of the different types of tyre wear that you can expect to find on track day tyres around the circuit paddock. My intention here is to help you learn more about bike tyre wear so you are better equipped to deal with a nasty tear if/when it rears its ugly head.

However, like most tyre based guides, the nature of the subject is quite complete, so it’s not as easy as saying this causes that, or that causes this (especially when talking about suspension adjustment) so please take this as being a somewhat simplified guide to motorcycle tyre wear, not the definitive resource. I’ll leave that to Mr Dave Moss. So let’s get on to the first type of tear.
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