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Author Topic: Most Western TN TAT  (Read 61 times)

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Most Western TN TAT
« on: September 13, 2021, 05:03:34 PM »
We rode most the Western TN TAT over Labor Day Weekend. We started started at Puddin Ridge Road, just South of Trenton, GA, when it split off from there I was in new territory. The TN route makes a big dip into Georgia you can get on it about 15  miles from my house.

Paved roads were those mostly those small backcountry road with curves you can see all the way through with beautiful scenery. I didn't take any pics, have rely on what Clay sent me, (you might know him from parts at Allsports Power Sports).

 We had to motel it, TN state parks insisted on a 3 day stay and there was no national forest on this route. I'm not much for sleeping behind churches or that stealth stuff. The dirt roads were all all good, no suprises.

I think we stayed in Fayetteville Saturday night. Stayed in a sketchy motel in Savannah, TN Sunday night, no vacancies at the good places. We rode 208 miles Saturday.  Those low water bridges that have a reputation for being too slick to ride or walk across were just fine. I guess maybe the hurricane rains scoured them with sand and pebbles.

This was the only water crossing of any consequence

It was around 600 miles round trip. The KLX kept plugging along as it has since 2006. Clay's Himalayan had a little relay issue, took a couple of turns of the key to get the fuel pump to kick in, but it ran fine after it cranked.

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