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Wheel bearing? Seal?

Started by 2smoke, August 11, 2019, 09:51:35 AM

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Submerged the rear wheel over the hub. Got a new sound now. Is it the bearing? Or the seal? Thanks!


Sounds like bearing. Does the wheel have any play in it when you move it side to side?

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No play trying to move side to side. Grabbed the tire @ 12 & 6 then 9 @ 3 o'clock


Only thing to do is pull the wheel and check them now.

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Ok thanks! The front is silent with no wobble. Have bel ray. No tool or prior experience.  Will take both to someone who does.


This is only my limited opinion....but the sound in the video does not sound like the right frequency or timbre for a bad bearing.  It does sound like rubber sliding against something though.


check for crap jammed in the front sprocket area

and the brake pads

if there isn't play when you try to wrench the wheel at 12/6 o'clock they're fine
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Yeah rubber sliding was my first thought based on the sound. Nothing stuck around either seal, in front sprocket area or brake pads. Can the front and rear bearings & seals be removed, repacked, and re-installed if good? Or does everything need to be replaced once removed?


i wouldn't reinstall old bearings. they're so cheap and fast to do, just go with fresh.
just give 'er the berries !


Maybe chain slider or guide? I'd disconnect the chain and see if the noise went away. Maybe the mud flap.


I agree. It doesn't sound like a bearing.


Loosen the axle nut. Check.

Slide the chain off to the side of the sprocket. Check.

Take caliper  off. Check.

Isolate the moving parts one by one, and you should be able to pin it down.


Started with the slider. Then the axle nut. It was then the noise stopped. As the nut is tightened (slightly, not torqued) it comes back while spinning the wheel as in the video. If it is spun fast the noise is gone.

FWIW when I first heard the noise I was lubing the chain but had not heard this sound before


Pulled wheel & removed spacers. The one on the brake side was tougher to pull out. Cleaned lip of seals and the spacers. Wiped grease on the seals. No sound with each part added back on. No sound after buttoned up and the nut torqued. Thanks guys!   8)