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website / url / weirdness ?

Started by kylepeterson, January 17, 2023, 09:29:38 PM

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on my mobile browser (chrome/android) if I click the link to moal on the facebook page, i get redirected to a custom cabinetry webpage. it happens on the desktop browser sometimes also. i literally cannot get here in my mobile browser, doesn't matter if i'm on wifi at home, wifi at stole-it-for-free-location or cellular ...

any ideas whats happening ?
just give 'er the berries !


That is another site I host on my server. I still don't have it setup like I want. I made a change on FB link, try it again.


i can't get to the forum on my mobile browser (chrome) , but i can on the desktop (chrome), but only if i http (NOT https) it

did that make sense ?
just give 'er the berries !


using a droid and chrome, I'm able to go to, then click on forum. Same thing going to Also working with

The settings may be different.

I'm still trying to move forum from old server to new server. I haven't found a way I feel good about. I don't want to hose the forum again.