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dredman / Don Redman crash

Started by Sadlsor, June 05, 2024, 01:54:47 PM

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Saw an article headline in ADVrider about our wayward friend.

Bad Crash For Inmate Dredman, aka Don Redman Of Moto Giant, Bama Rides

It sucks that I show up after all this time to bring you this sad news.

His Moto Giant YouTube channel will walk you through all of it; no spoilers from me. He has an entire (unfiinished) playlist detailing events.

You must be the change you wish to see in this world.


There's a post under Help a Friend Out that has all the updates. He moved to rehab yesterday and should be home in 10-14days.
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Nice Goat

I wouldn't wish this on anybody.  I hope he recovers, gets a prosthethic, and gets back to riding soon.  He's always admired riders with disabilities and even had a few videos featuring their stories.

Don is one of the best riders that I know.  If it can happen to him...

My dad once told me that there are two types of riders: those who have crashed and those who are waiting to crash.  Hopefully we all take a lesson from Don and review our own behaviors, skills, and riding practices.  There is always room for improvement... nobody is perfect.
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