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Author Topic: 2nd Annual Bluesman Challenge  (Read 1005 times)

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2nd Annual Bluesman Challenge
« on: June 28, 2017, 01:39:13 PM »
Well I'm a month late on this, better late than never I guess.

Let's do another Bluesman Challenge for the month of July.

If you are new and never met Bluesman, you can read his post here --  https://www.motorcyclealabama.com/rides/index.php?action=profile;area=showposts;u=84

This is why we are doing a challenge --  http://www.motorcyclealabama.com/rides/index.php?topic=937.msg8881#msg8881

The Bluesman Challenge

Several years ago, I would post up a Monthly Challenge. There would be a list of 10 goals for the month. Some were easy, some medium and some were tough. David always went out and got as many pics as he could.

After 4-5 months of posting these challenges, I received a PM from Bluesman. In the PM he thanked me for posting and challenging him to push the boundaries of his comfort zone while riding.

I didn't expect anyone to send me a "thanks", but that is David.  David made Bamarides a better place and me a better person.

Rest in Peace my friend.

In honor of Bluesman, I've put together a list of challenges for June. Post up your pics. Must have bike and/or riding attire in the photo.

1. Bluesman was 57 years old when he was called home. - Your bike and the number 57 or something symbolic of 57.

2. Bluesman Loved hamburgers - You and a hamburger

3. Glenn tried to get him to eat more Salads - You and a salad

4. Bluesman rode a White Harley Sportster - your bike and a bike matching 2 of the 3 features of his bike, white, Harley, Sportster.

5. Bluesman was a member of CMA - Christian Motorcyclists Association - Your bike and a CMA member

6. Blue in name on sign.

7. Bluesman last post in our Theme Tag - Your bike at old theater

8. Bluesman lived in the River Region - Bike at a river

9. Bluesman was a Christian Man that enjoyed riding - Bike at a church

10. Wildcard - Anything in memorial to David "Bluesman" Fail

If you are going to participate in the challenge, start a new thread under Riding Games.  Give it the title of "My Bluesman Challege" or something like that.  That way all of your pictures are in your thread and they don't get all mixed up with others.  Feel free to add commentary about Bluesman or remembrance of friends in general as you document your challenge.

Also, the photos should be new photos, not stock.  That's the way the challenges used to work.
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