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Author Topic: The New AirHawk Cruiser R - (for those of us with the arse of a fair maiden)  (Read 2304 times)

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Since the middle of 2018, the patch kit with the AirHawk R has been replaced with a lifetime warranty.

The rice-paper thin covering:

It has been replaced with a more robust and thicker woven material that encapsulates a thin layer of open-cell foam:

The bladder has been completely redesigned.  It used to have a distribution of mostly uniform cells with a gap down the middle for your tail bone.  It now has variety of shaped cells and a physical (and larger) cutout for the tail bone:

The price is roughly 1/2 of the previous generation Cruiser R.  I haven't ridden on it yet but it looks like a winner at first glance.

If it's anything like its predecessor, you nestle this sweet peach of a cushion between a Sweet Cheeks (Coke Bottle) seat widener and your dual sport arse will be singing with glee without the smelly off-gas that normally accompanies a singing arse.

I still wish it came with a patch kit.  Cats suck.