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Andrew - this is your welcome

Started by kylepeterson, April 25, 2024, 06:29:27 AM

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hey man !

i meet Andrew while i was test riding my dual sport for an upcoming ds ride.

he's a smooth rider that wants to find other folks to ride and learn with. hopefully he'll join moal and find some great riding buddies here.


just give 'er the berries !


Did you tell him about Dual Sporting the Free State this weekend?


i did not, he's on a street bike for now... but hopefully we can bring him around to the cooler side of rides ;-)
just give 'er the berries !

Chuck & Susan

Now Kyle what can be cooler than an old fat fart on a GoldWing........ Just kidding...
It's a beautiful day, let's go somewhere....
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Andrew!  Welcome!   We're so glad to have you!  Insanity loves company. 
Sounds good except for pretty much everything you said.  ---Brian A

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